Overcoming Godzilla

Universe & Ashby Present
Image by Claire L. Evans

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Claire L. Evans writes and presents her perspectives on the natural world and potential futures under the name UNIVERSE. Ashby Collinson is a illustrator, film archivist at the U of Washington, and here plays some accordion and drums. The two teamed up at the Catch that Beat 3 festival to put on an epic performative lecture inspired by Godzilla and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain. 7:52 minutes


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Comments (3) to “Overcoming Godzilla”

  1. This is a nice - if not arresting - souvenir, but where is the beginning of the Godzilla talk? And is there any chance to offer more of the graphics? Especially that strange, stroboscopic, “wisdom warrior” (?) slide that was projected during the music.

    “A haunting, primal, irrational tour de force.” ~ The Daily Astorian

    “Vive le power-pointe pataphysicale!” ~ Seaside Signal

  2. michael’s recorder has been acting up—so he had to slice out a portion of the lecture! so sad!

    are those real quotes? or are you just excited?

  3. Those quotes are make-believe but Alfred Jarry, inventor of pataphysics, was real.

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