“No it’s a lava flow!”

Lava flow
Photo released under a Creative Commons license by Sethladd

Download GeoJulie.mp3 (7.2mb)
During the Catch that Beat 3 festival in Astoria, Oregon I iterviewed Julie Noble about the geology of Saddle Mountain (where parts of both Goonies and Ninja Turtles 3 were shot). Our conversation led to other things, like Megafauna and lime vodka. 5:14 minutes.


icon for podpress  Geo Julie on Lava Flows & Megafauna [5:14m]

Overcoming Godzilla

Universe & Ashby Present
Image by Claire L. Evans

Download Universe&Ashby.mp3 (10.8mb)
Claire L. Evans writes and presents her perspectives on the natural world and potential futures under the name UNIVERSE. Ashby Collinson is a illustrator, film archivist at the U of Washington, and here plays some accordion and drums. The two teamed up at the Catch that Beat 3 festival to put on an epic performative lecture inspired by Godzilla and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain. 7:52 minutes


icon for podpress  Overcoming Godzilla [7:52m]

Intensity via Marching Band

A Chicago marching band
Photo released under a Creative Commons license by Jbweir

Download MarchingBand.mp3 (8.0mb)
A high-school marching band at the Starlight Parade in Portland, OR. The main piece is super imperial feeling, followed by an awesome drum breakdown around 3:20.

It seems parades have become just excuses to sculpt giant advertisements out of papier maché, but I still will fight for a good seat to see the high-school marching bands. I love the intensity from the snare drums and horns that leave me feeling like it’s our civilization’s final hour. I suppose the military and sport events felt the same way when they adopted the marching band. I’m pretty pacifistic, but I sympathize with that pre-game energy and the excitement that chaos is about to be unleashed. This was also a lesson in field recording when my microphone experienced its own share of intensity. It got a bit overwhelmed by the overtones of the bass reflecting off the buildings downtown, causing the mic to get overloaded and distort at certain points, even though the recording levels were far from peaking. This was extremely frustrating at first, but looking back, the distortion seems appropriate and symbolic.

icon for podpress  Marching Band in the Starlight Parade [4:22m]

Piñata on a Hooliganship

The Candy is Miiiiinnnnnee!!
Photo by Ashby Collinson

Download Piñooliganship.mp3 (7.8mb)
Whacking and cheering as people take there chances with a piñata during a BBQ at the Hooliganship house. Features Manuel Stuart on the accordion and Christopher on the clarinet providing a live, Greek-inspired soundtrack.


icon for podpress  Piñata on a Hooliganship [5:39m]

Not much in Winnenden

Michael painting mariachis in Winnenden, Germany
Photo of Michael painting mariachis, taken by Manuel Peters

Download Michael-Manu-Daybook.mp3 (10.3mb)
An “audio day book” recorded while living in Stuttgart, Germany. This is eleven minutes of Manu and I listening to Bankok Impact, painting in the sun, and going into town to get gelato (Italian ice cream). It’s a little slow, but cute and funny if you listen closely to our babbling.

icon for podpress  Not Much in Winnenden (An audio daybook) [11:18m]